"A Breakthrough Idea For Event Planners
Who Want To Make Their Important Events
Impressive And Memorable...Guaranteed!"
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Client Testimonials
Kevin had our audience
captivated by his hypnosis, he is a
true master and an artist!  Do you
need to book great entertainment
without stress?  It's easy - just call
Kevin, agree upon a date and
relax...he will do the rest!
- Kit Kasner, Tacoma-Pierce
County Bar Association
Laughter could still be heard
following the performance which
was all in good fun, good taste
and at no ones expense!
- Doug Ellis, Homestead NW
We laughed; we were amazed; we
were surprised; we giggled; we
cheered and we applauded over
and over again.  Kevin kept an
entire room of adults from several
generations, enthralled. He is a
wonderful entertainer!
- Susan J. Patterson, Mason
County General Hospital
Audiences everywhere are saying that Kevin
Wolfe‘s Hypnosis Show is the fastest paced
and funniest hypnosis show they have ever

It’s a show that will keep everyone laughing,
with Kevin Wolfe’s special improvisational
style, you never know what's going to happen.
Not only does the audience have fun, but
most importantly, so do the volunteers!

Unlike most shows, you will see audience
members become the show and venture into
the world of the imagination. Almost anything
Kevin suggests becomes reality for the
participants.  Every show is performed with
good clean humor and the volunteers are
handled with complete respect.

Your entertainment worries are over when you
invite Kevin Wolfe’s Hypnosis Show to be part
of your next important functon.

He brings comedy and mystery to your event
and leaves the audience scratching their
heads in disbelief but laughing at the same
time. This is a show that is suitable for the
whole family!

Your audience will thank you for bringing in
such great entertainment to your event!

Call now to reserve your important date!

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